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Artists around Gargilesse

In June 1857 George Sand discovered with amazement this romantic village. The "good lady of Nohant " the friend of Flaubert, the muse of Chopin and Musset, frequently came to relax in Gargilesse.

Shortly after, it was the Impressionists who responded to the invitation of one of them : Guillaumin who just won 100,000 gold francs with the National Lottery invited his painter friends to Crozant. Monet painted 23 canvases having the Creuse Valley motive .

These paintings are exhibited in Paris ( Musée Marmottan ) , Colmar ( Unterdenlinden Museum ) and worldwide .

A little history

Since 1982, the village is listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France. Today there are many tourists and pilgrims that are attracted by its romantic charm of his tight houses, the castle and the church

The twelfth century church contains wall paintings from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century. You can also discover the 126 pillars sculptures of religious themes or representatives of real animals , symbolic or fantastic.

The villa Algira , named after a butterfly Sand discovered on a walk in Gargilesse, became a museum dedicated to George Sand.

Pierre Jamet harpist and founder of the International Association of harpists and Friends of the Harp in 1962 and two years later a harp school with summer courses given by the Academy of Gargilesse , which became the harp festival of Gargilesse in 1968 .

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